PID: Each episode increases infertility approx. 10%

  • Also increases risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Krukenberg tumor: colon or stomach CA metastasis to ovary

  • See signet cells on path

Meig's syndrome: Pelvic tumor è Ascites, Hydrothorax

Appendicitis in pregnancy:

  • 50% premature delivery
  • Fetal mortality 2-8%
  • Maternal 1%


  • Can involve rectum
  • Presents with rectal bleed, irregular menses, pelvic pain, bluish mass on proctoscopy
  • Tx = hormonal therapy.

Ovarian CA:

  • Stage I: limited to ovary
  • (5-year survival only 66%)
  • Stage II: In pelvis
  • Stage III: Throughout abdomen
  • Stage IV: distant metastasis

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