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The “Absite Killer” has helped us in the preparation for our yearly in-training test. Certainly it covers many topics and what once was enough to obtain a good score, it seams that today it has became rusted and antiqued. After taking a couple of in-training test you realize that there are several topics that the real test covers and that great part of them are missing in the “Absite killer”.Having a complete summary of all the topics that the in-training test covers would help everyone not only to better organize and understand the learned material but also achieve a great score. The aim of this Wiki is to Update our old friend the “Absite Killer”. As other wikis in this wiki we can add, delete and modify any topic of the “Absite killer”. Lastly we can add references to the different written topics, which will add scientific support to the document. I hope you have fun, learn something new and obtain a super score next year with this updated version of the “Absite Killer”.

It is easy, PICK A SUBJECT in the menu above or find the CATEGORIESbelow and start editing…


American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination.

Help us update the Absite killerEdit

It is easy, PICK A SUBJECT in the menu above or find the CATEGORIESbelow and star editing…

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